Raising Multiples Isn't Easy

Raising Multiples Isn't Easy

Get the support you need from family therapy sessions

Parents of multiples experience a specific set of difficulties. As a parent of multiples, I, Corlette Gantt of Gantt Therapeutic Vision, provide family and parenting therapy sessions from a place of experience. You may feel as though your life has become an assembly line of feedings and changings. Plus, you may constantly feel worried about your children's delicate health.

It's important for parents of multiples to find the time to communicate and stay on the same page. My couples therapy sessions address some of the issues that come with a lack of communication. I hope to provide a space for you to express concerns and decrease any feelings of isolation you may feel.

Are you a parent of multiples? Consider attending a family therapy session at Gantt Therapeutic Vision in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Make room in your life for family therapy

Many parents have trouble making time for family therapy. I understand that feeling all too well. That's why I do my best to accommodate my patients by:

  • Offering house calls for a small travel fee
  • Accepting phone calls in between sessions
  • Planning sessions around your schedule

Making time for family therapy is important. Speak with me about your situation today by calling 470-296-1775.